To Build Trust as a Leader, Inspire With Words Backed by Action

In Braveheart, Mel Gibson’s character (William Wallace) cries “Alba gu bràth" as he and his men forge boldly into battle. 盖尔语的意思大致是 “永远的苏格兰”,它给了军队一些东西,让他们团结起来,激励他们记住他们为什么战斗。58003

但是有一个又大又胖的渔获。 Imagine the troops geared up for battle, ready to bare their bums and risk their lives, but William Wallace at home sipping a pint. 不仅这部电影永远不会拍,人们也永远不会跟随。领导人必须参与进来,以获得牵引力。 They must believe what they’re teaching and eat their own dog food. (I’ll explain.)

想想你生活中产生你最大激情和承诺的领域。对我来说,这是我创造自己成功的信念。我全心全意地相信这一点,以至于我从不接受我自己,我的孩子或我的员工的借口或受害者心态。这种信念与我自己的经历息息相关,我有个人故事来支持它。 I can’t expect my team to buy in to this concept if I don’t believe it for myself.

强烈的信念带来情感。情感是创造买入的必要条件。想想看: Your favorite movies are the ones that make you cry, or laugh, or want to throw your popcorn at the screen. 情感让我们关心。当我们关心时,我们可以要求我们的团队关心,而不会损害我们的诚信。这使团队能够实现公司的目标。

让我们面对现实: 有时我们都会感到疲倦,甚至可能看不到我们的目标,甚至对我们最坚定的信念也失去信心。在办公室同样如此。 A strong company needs grit to hang on to the beliefs when they need them most.

By walking the walk, you will inspire your team at the beginning of the journey and will also spur them to action when the momentum slows. 这是你必须吃自己的狗粮的地方。 This saying is accredited to Microsoft, who originally used it to refer to software companies using their own development tools. Over three decades later, this vivid image describes any area where you must practice what you preach. If you truly believe in your product, you will use it in your own life and business.

所以召集你的军队。 Remind them why they work the long hours or pursue a client or try new strategies yet again. Your rallying cry will bring commitment, emotionand grit, but only if you lead out front by your actions, not only by your words. 相信你自己的信息。 Enjoy your own dog food.